CSS Directors and Senior Stockbroker run Hackney half marathon for Together for Short Lives Charity

Donate to the Hackney Half MarathonAbout a month ago, we released a small article highlighting the fact that we have recently partnered with the fantastic charity Together for Short Lives.

Please donate to our chosen charity through our Just Giving page.

We promised in our partnership that CSS Investments would provide them with monthly donations, alongside performing regular charity events and fundraising activities that we could participate in.

Which brings us on to our first event which we are extremely excited about. What better way to kickstart a charity event than jumping in at the deep end and going for a half marathon?

First timer!

Luca Sarri, one of the co-founders of CSS Investments and Senior Stockbroker Damien Brown have decided to run the Hackney Half marathon as their first fund-raising contribution. With the charity event taking place on the 8th of May, Luca and Damien have been training hard to ensure they can perform their best.

Luca is a first-time marathon runner, going full steam ahead and attempting his first half marathon in the short space of two weeks from now, but he does have the more experienced marathon runner, Damien Brown, running alongside him.

We wish them both extremely the best of luck and will be rooting for them at the finish line.

Please help us support the lives of the children Together for Short Lives help.

Part of what they want to achieve before the event itself is to raise £1000 to help Together for Short Lives.

We know there are a lot of our reader’s of the blog and our Morning Call who do a lot of great work for charity already and we wanted to ask any of our readers to please help Luca & Damien achieve their target amount.

Here is their Justgiving page, where you can generously donate any amount you are comfortable with.

As you know, even the smallest amount will help so please help Luca and Damien reach their goal.


[button_1 text=”Donate%20Here” text_size=”32″ text_color=”#FFFFFF” text_font=”Open Sans;google” text_bold=”Y” text_letter_spacing=”0″ subtext_panel=”N” text_shadow_panel=”N” styling_width=”40″ styling_height=”25″ styling_border_color=”#000000″ styling_border_size=”1″ styling_border_radius=”6″ styling_border_opacity=”100″ styling_gradient_start_color=”#005f2b” styling_gradient_end_color=”#005f2b” drop_shadow_panel=”N” inset_shadow_panel=”N” align=”center” href=”https://www.justgiving.com/CSSinvestments” new_window=”Y”/]


Together for Short Lives are the leading UK charity for children and young people who are expected to have short lives due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances.

We will be posting regular updates and progress reports leading up to it, so please keep in touch and we will show you over time how your donation will be helping the lives of those with unfortunate illnesses.

Thanks for caring!

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