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Wayne Collins and CSS Investments,

I am writing to thank you.  For your expert advice and guidance.

The daily contacts are highly informative and  amusing.  Your gentle touch with some of my more outlandish suggestions is really one of your many skills.

The portfolio continues to grow;  long may it continue.  I look forward to  our communications and our future success.

Mr. Stokes

I have been dealing with you over a year now. You have committed your time to fully understand my requirements.

You have given me sound advice in a structured way which i have been able to understand.Your recommendations
have been fully researched and explaining the risks as well.

Your approach is very professional and thorough.

I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are looking to invest.

Mr. M. Shah

We closed our first year together at the end of last week which if we include Monday of this week, the account is roughly breaking even. Considering the year has been pretty dramatic with big losses in the FTSE value, not to mention the oil crisis, this to my mind is a fair result. When we have our weekly telephone meetings, I appreciate your lack of panic and calm attitude, no matter how dire the news may be. I also like your ability to take the longer view, which inspires confidence in you being able to deliver better years in the future.

F. Mottram

I’ve been with CSS approximately six or seven years now and Nicholas Rennie has been in charge of my investments for most of that time. He’s done a brilliant job and has done everything that i have asked of him, giving me advice on things when asked and most importantly made me some good profits! I do tell me friends about investing with CSS and i hope that someone one day will take my good advice.

P. Langridge

Ross has shown himself as being reliable, measured and astute in his investment advice and we trust his judgment.  He has a relaxed and confident manner and we like his style of approach.  We are very satisfied with him as our broker.

D. & T. Saunders

Dear Rob

I have really enjoyed working with you over the last 6/7 months.  Not only have you been a pleasure to work with, your results speak for themselves.

Over the period we have been working together, you have conducted the account with great care, have not been tempted with cavalier trades and have managed risk sensibly.

Kind regards


You’ve been looking after a chunk of my investment portfolio for about a year now, and I feel I must write to thank you for your excellent service over that time.

The recommendations you have made have turned out well and there has been a gratifying return on capital – way beyond what I might have hoped for or expected from some other brokers I have used in the past.

I realise that sometimes I am not the easiest client to persuade and that I have a tendency to question things from a point of amateur ignorance, but your good-humored willingness to listen to my half-informed views is commendable!

Thank you again, and I look forward to our relationship continuing for a good while yet, God willing.

Kind regards,

G. Dodge

The key thing that a customer needs is honest advice sometimes with a hint of humor. You do get some emotional attachment to certain shares when common sense would say an alternative deal is more appropriate. The good broker will provide you with the options and enable a decision to be made with the head and not the heart. A really good broker will even make you think you arrived at the right decision all by yourself!

Your money and your choice but an expert nudge in the right direction certainly helps to improve the bank balance.

H. Crowther

A job well done and my thanks and regards to the efforts and professionalism of Ravi Lockyer.

P. Sayles

Good, sound research backed advice delivered in a professional and friendly manner. You get the strong sense that they really do put your interests first.

D. Izett

Efficient yet friendly service. Being too busy to be able to research the market myself, and having lost money with a rival broker, I am delighted with the efficient yet friendly service I receive from CSS and the excellent results I am getting on my investments. Thank you.

Mr. Manvell, Skye.

A personal service that respects and works in tandem with the investment criteria of the client.

S. Dalton-Morris

CSS as a financial broker offers a quality personal service at a sensible cost over the whole gambit of investing.Their Daily commentary on the market and portfolio software are highly commended.


…made me think of how much better things are with you than doing the job on an execution only with [previous] stockbrokers. There’s more to it than low dealing costs, and this way I have the interest in knowing where the funds are and the expertise of yourself in getting in and out at the right time.

M. Donovan

I have a general trading account with CSS which is a ISA and also a CFD account. Both accounts are advisory accounts, I understand only to well that CFDs are a high risk investment, this being after having a bad experience with an alternate CFD provider. I believe that with good risk management the gains of CFDs far out way the risks. For me CSS provide me with excellent risk management and good sound advice. I trust CSS investments with my money and intend to let them deal with all my investments needs for many years to come.


A. Wadsworth

I have been very happy with the service provided by Damien Brown of CSS – providing me with regular updates on the value of my holding,up or down, depending on the state of the market, giving advice on buying and selling shares. My holding went up in value far more than I expected initially, though it has taken a bit of a downturn more recently, but is still ‘up’ to a reasonable level on my initial investment made 16-17 months ago. CSS provide an efficient and very friendly service, and are always happy to respond promptly to any enquiries that I make.


At last I have found a first class broker who gives full priority to the clients account, ahead of the imperative to trade as much as possible. Many thanks for your advice and assistance in helping me to build a solid and balanced portfolio over the last year.

M. Rose

An opportune time for me to express my appreciation for the exemplary service CSS have provided meticulously throughout the year which gives me much pleasure to acknowledge.
Yours sincerely.

N. Hopkins

You have the backing of CSS, a combination which makes for easy and comfortable dealing, and if I may say so, your own judgment of the market and individual companies shows a maturity which is much to your credit.

M. Woodhouse

CSS advisory service is a very different service, one that operates with the pace of markets as events unfold. Increasingly complex transactions are accompanying global events, analysis of which is far removed from simple equity deals. CSS has that expertise.


An excellent service and regular well researched and analysed advice – considerably more than I had expected. I would rate this service as 4+

M. Guest

They provide good advice, and have very much improved following an indifferent start about three years ago.

T. Wells

Professional and friendly company. Newsletter is excellent at opening and closing of market. Always easy to contact for up to date information and advice. I deal through Ravi Lockyear and his knowledge has proved second to none over several years of investing. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

S. Ockleford

I have been working with CSS for nearly 2 years now and am very happy with, primarily, their results with ISA and pension and secondly, their openness and transparency with how and why they recommend the options they do. 

I was a novice trader when I began working with Wayne two years ago but since that time I have become fascinated by the workings and dynamics within the stock market. Wayne explains each decision thoroughly and accepts when I would rather go down a different path. My ethos and propensity to risk has constantly changed and Wayne acknowledges that it is my money that is being invested and ultimately is my decision what it goes into. 

Would happily recommend Wayne, Luca and the rest of the experienced team to anyone who wants to get great returns and also learn the intricacies of financial trading in the markets.

P. McVeigh

Great trustworthy service can highly recommend, really happy with the return and communication

N. Darkens

Quality professional firm offering a personal service tailored to the needs of clients. Excellent daily newsletter.

R. Davies

A friendly and easy to use firm of Brokers providing good quality advice.

J. Pollard

Nothing but good things to say about CSS Investments Ltd. Very professional and helpful at all times. Would not hesitate in recommending them to a friend/colleague.

M. Ward

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