Our Story

CSS was born out of the frustration of its founders. Each spent over 15 years working for larger stockbroking firms and each became despondent at the way things were done, specifically the lack of client focus. They saw a way to do things better. They believed that the client and client service should be at the centre of business.

So in 2008, during one of the biggest financial storms ever seen, Collins Sarri Statham was formed. It was because of the experience, belief and relentless focus on making sure that the business was built on strong foundations – client care, compliance, and treating customers fairly – that CSS was able to grow despite the less than favourable economic back drop.

Today, CSS is proud to have seen this ethos spread, evident in the number of clients that have trusted us to help them, the amount of referred business from our clients and the feedback received.

Company Timeline

The last 15 years have seen the markets ebb and flow with the banking crisis of 2008 followed by a long bull market run. More recently the effects of Brexit, Covid-19, and the conflict in Ukraine have shaped the investment landscape. A lot has happened since our inception, here is a snapshot.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that we can develop more value for clients by investing time up front while researching different options that goes beyond simply meeting due diligence requirements.

While this is sufficient for some, CSS adheres to the philosophy that gaining a thorough understanding of each client at the start of their experience with us allows us to provide a higher level of support to you throughout your investing journey with us. This builds trust and develops long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our attention to detail and thoroughness is appreciated by clients who in essence trust a portion of their financial future to CSS. We understand that this is a privilege and not a right.

A Modern Stockbroker with Traditional Values

Our Approach

We start from the position that each individual will have a different idea of what they want their future financial landscape to look like. We look at what you currently have and only then can we start to design a portfolio that will aim to meet your objectives. First and foremost our service is built around trust. In order to have trust you must believe in our people. This is why every client has their own dedicated broker who is directly contactable each day. Every client is able to visit our offices, meet the team, see the trading floor and understand our compliance culture with our compliance team. We maintain absolute focus on you, the client. We understand that you are often busy and time constrained. This is where our approach is different. We take the weight, reducing the time you need to spend on investing decisions. As a client of CSS you receive a truly personalised service that allows us to identify and deliver exactly what you want from a stockbroker. We keep our client to broker ratio low to ensure your assigned broker deeply understands your portfolio and will only make recommendations that meet your specific objectives. With CSS, you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Who we work with

At CSS we love to work with people who are serious and disciplined in their investing lives. We work with a wide variety of investors, from those just starting their investing career and looking to grow their future wealth, or those who are experienced investors looking to grow an existing portfolio, to those who have retired and are looking for a way to ensure their income supports their lifestyle. With the aid of a variety of investment tools our brokers work in partnership with you in order to assist you in reaching your investment objectives.

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