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Welcome to CSS Investments

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I feel a real sense of excitement writing this inaugural post on the CSS Investments blog.

Excited as this is a project that’s been close to me personally over the last few months, but more crucially, because I know what we have in store for you, and how the content we produce will help so many people like you throughout your investing journey.

Who’s this Adam King then?

I’m not a Stockbroker. I’m not a financial professional and I don’t have a long history of working in the financial industry. Before I joined CSS Investments a little over 6 months ago, I actually knew very little about what really goes on in the financial district of London I only knew by passing reference to “The City” or “ The Square Mile”. I’ve been in marketing for nearly 15 years, working with a diverse range of businesses including conference producers, gas consulting, publishing, industrial supply and indoor skiing… Guess which had the best perks?

Oh, and I’ve never worked for Guinness, though that photo is a real beer mat! This is a short explanation for those interested.

I don’t expect this to matter much to you. But the reason I tell you this is that it’s very likely that you too come from a different world to that of finance, and therefore I understand where you’re coming from. To me finance and investing seemed confusing, complicated, that it had its own language, its own set of rules and I thought the people that worked in this industry fitted a particular stereotype.

What the heck is a P/E Ratio?!

I’ve certainly been humbled in my opinion of the people, but it has been a baptism of fire for me while learning the ins and outs of the markets, what it takes to be successful as an investor and how the real value of what a stockbroker provides is not solely down to the performance of an account. I’ve also learned that once you get past the initially confusing terms such as P/E ratios, dividends, balance sheets etc. and had these explained to me by the brokers here at CSS Investments, there’s actually little to fear. I’ve also learned that there’s no such thing as a dumb question!

I’m pretty privileged to have access to some very smart people with a genuine expertise when it comes to the stock market, and they’ve been very generous in helping me through the learning period. One thing is clear. They absolutely love markets, they live and breathe them. They constantly learn more and improve. And they love sharing this with their clients.

So there’s a lot of pent up knowledge and value here just bursting to be shared with those that really need it. None of this will ever come from a place of being ego-centred, no one knows everything and there are always conflicts of opinion, strategies and methods. This is the way we all grow.

The ‘Big Why’

I have always felt that a distinguishing characteristic of a true master of their craft is someone that has a deep knowledge on a subject that is combined with hard won experience. What separates the good from the great is the added ability of that expert to break this wealth of information down into simple terms that allows others to understand it.

This is the primary aim of this blog. To help you understand the Stock Market, Investing and how this industry works. It’s our ‘Big Why’ for creating it.

So for you, the reader, my motivation is simple. As editor of this blog I will commission and create informative posts that will educate, break down barriers, answer questions and always aim to give you value. Some will be simple and straight forward guides. There will be some behind the scenes features. Tips and tricks will appear. Maybe some of it will even make you laugh. But I will ensure there is plenty that will show you how to take action on how to become a more educated and confident investor or trader.

A Simple Request

All I request of you reading this blog is to be coachable and be open-minded. Some of the things that will appear here may cause you to question what you believe or have heard from other sources. Just know that it is written by those that do this day in, day out, with a track record of happy and successful clients. Just read some of what they have to say here on our What Our Clients Say page.

The Stock Market is a fascinating subject. Whilst it can be confusing, the aim of the game is to ultimately make a positive return on both your time and your equity. Get educated, learn from our experts and you give yourself every chance of achieving this.

And to be really effective it really needs to be a two way thing. It’s the only way to ensure you’re getting what you need. So your feedback, questions, topic suggestions, challenges and debate are very welcome.  Use the comments section below or email me at

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn here    LinkedIn Button

Onwards and Upwards

My intention is to get up to posting twice a week. It is likely to be a little less for the first few weeks as we adjust to a new discipline, and over busier times in the markets.

As we add content it is my final hope that it helps you to understand the culture and people here at CSS, and that you will get to know and even like us (well, just a little anyway…). I’ve mentioned above that this isn’t intended to be ego-centric or self-indulgent, but to do something that I’ve noticed historically hasn’t always been a common trait from firms in “The City”.

That is to be open and transparent about what we know, what we do, who we do it for and how we work.

CSS Investments as a firm believes it has a responsibility to anyone who wishes to better their financial future, and whether you join us or choose another avenue in which to invest, we hope that you do so from a better and more educated position.

From a personal perspective I hope as a new member of this industry that the creation and development of this blog goes a small way towards a change in the way that financial firms engage with the people who trust them with their financial future.

It’s a privilege, not a right after all.

What do you think? Do you like the proposed direction of this blog? How can we help answer your questions on the stock market? Please add your comments below.

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  1. Margaret Cliff says:

    Good idea

  2. dean says:

    looking forward to see what is posted

  3. Jeremy Earle says:

    I get far too many emails and most of them are absolute rubbish. What is so annoying is that even if you unsubscribe they come back and haunt one and bombard one with half witted questionaires. I am sure you have been there too. However, I will read your blog even though I have spent over a year rebuilding my portfolio. There will always be some fine tuning to be done and I believe that it is useful to get a second opinion now and again.

    • Adam King says:

      Thanks for your comment Jeremy

      I absolutely agree with you. My intention with this blog is to only cover useful and well considered topics and information, the interaction and feedback such as this will only help to ensure this is the case. We get a lot of positive feedback on our daily newsletters, both from readers and from the industry. However I never want this to be seen as a ‘bombardment’. There are a lot of upgrades and improvements to our systems and processes happening behind the scenes here that will ensure that only those that wish to hear from us do so. If you have ever tried to unsubscribe from us and it’s not worked, please contact me on so that I can look into why it has not happened.

      Though I do hope that you stay tuned for more!

  4. Jeremy Earle says:

    OK. I will happily give it a try!

  5. Paul Stone says:

    OK. I’m willing to give it a try, see how it goes and if it can help me.

  6. R Meadows says:

    Great idea. Best use to me would be “technical”e.g.”what is yield?” and “directional” e.g.”which way are different geographical or sectoral markets heading; trends; new ideas ; risk profiles etc”

    Look forward to reading more

    Good luck.

    • Adam King says:

      Excellent comment. This is exactly part of what I will be covering. As I mention, I had no experience of the terms and language of finance before I joined, it’s been a real learning curve! So I hope that this actually is an advantage as I have had, and still have the same questions as you. We have a number of ‘How to’ and ‘What is…’ posts lined up, so let me know if there’s anything specific you’re struggling with and watch this space!

  7. Markos Papadopoulos says:

    Brilliant idea Adam. I am a small investor aiming high but with caution. What is your take on the general trend of the Asia, Europe and US markets in the foreseeable future, as well as in the 2018 Horizon?

    • Adam King says:

      Thanks for your comment Markos. I am not able to offer my own specific advice related to your question, I’m not the expert! However I will put this question to our analyst and see if he can create something around this for a future post or report. In the meantime I would suggest that you take a look through some of the previous Research Reports in our News & Analysis section of the site. There’s lots in there that may help you.

  8. malcolm smith says:

    good idea.

  9. Lz Overstall says:

    Look forward to seeing blog develop, but much depends on the quality of contributors.

    • Adam King says:

      Thank you Lz. All contributors have to pass through me, so I will be keeping the quality high! They will all be from those working in the financial industry with lots of real world experience, so I really want it to be valuable. Please bear in mind that they are investment experts first, writers second, though the more we do the better they will get! Let us know what you’d like to see

  10. W J Badham says:

    A very good idea.

  11. Stuart Thompson says:

    Hi Adam,
    As an amateur investor it is good to know that all the technical terms are as equally confusing as they were to you originally! That’s where the trust between the client and the broker comes into play and mine is always willing to excuse my ignorance and explain in detail without the overload.
    I wish you every success in this new venture.

  12. W Rowley says:

    No I don’t – like blogs that is – too much verbosity – not enough content. I’ll just continue to speak to my brill contact at CSS, DB, for informed advice. WR the Luddite!

  13. Mike Robinson says:

    I think its a great idea I look forward to doing some questions to you.
    Thanks Mike

  14. Natalie Ellis says:

    As a newbie I find it all rather baffling… So many questions plus experienced expert advice/opinions is just the ticket at this time. Hmmmm what’s a ticker?? And the tax compliance information currency’s etc I agree with W Rowley in regards to ‘to much verbosity’- And not enough content’ im sure this will be resolved. User visualisation / visual content is essential to any blog/website, adaptable yet straight to the point as I know my self I don’t really have time to talk about my own personal unrelated babble, nevermind Tom Dick & Harry’s. Ooohhh questions…! I have a few. Such as what is a Hedge fund? And a IPO? Also dividend yield? ETF’s? DT server Trade & mutual funds, P/E ratio? Although I’m extremely eager to learn and very keen to hear from others like myself, I think it’s a fab idea Adam King.

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